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Business sectors

The company acquired its know-how internationally in various business sectors, thanks to its universal calculation model.

Whatever your business sector is, we put at your disposal our services in terms of:


We can also adapt to your needs training assignments or conducting technical and judicial expertise.

Mines and Quarries

Conveyors used in mines and quarries are the most often very long. They convey the most often very heavy materials, sometimes precious materials, on long distances.  Maintenance areas can be difficult to access.   Premature wear of belts can quickly become a signific...

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mine de phosphate

Iron and steel industry

The products conveyed are often hot and require the use of adapted belts. They also have a high density, requiring the use of strong belts. The facilities are sometimes aging. Starting an optimizing approach of your belts could allow you to increase your speeds, while i...

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Schweißer in einer Fabrik

Cement factories

The environment of cement industries is dusty, weakening the facilities. A same belt can convey different products with different features (particle size, composition, …) Technical constraints linked to conveyed materials are many. The lengths of the conveyors can var...

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Cement factory


With the increase of the world population and the free trade, there are more and more flows of goods. In ports, timing constraints are a major issue. The products conveyed are very different, and conveyors must be universal. The belts have to be adapted to all products,...

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Logo transport maritime. Bateau.


Power stations are becoming larger. They are increasing their production capacity to meet demand. The reliability of the belts should be close to 100% to avoid the curative maintenance. In this context, a study to optimize your conveyors takes all its sense, especially ...

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Food industry

In the food industry, hygiene is paramount. The conveyed products can be diverse and varied (acidic, basic, tight, …), and all these parameters are important for the choice of the belts. Seasonality of foods requires a 100% reliability of installations over given ...

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sugar cube and spoon sweet sweetener


To make fertilizer, it is necessary to convey ingredients of different physicochemical constraints (corrosive, sticky, powdery, …) Moisture constraints are important, as are the constraints related to the transformation to obtain the finished product . Certain per...

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Fertilizer bag over sunrise


Waste receptions, storage warehouses, pharmaceutical industry, … may be involved in the study of their conveyors. Whether optimizing existing conveyors or as part of the design of new conveyors, our fields of expertise remain efficient. Feel free to contact us by ...

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Good Manufacturing Practices of your conveyors

After analysis of the critical points of your conveyor lines on site and implementation of corrective actions, we can write your “Good Conveyors Practices”. More than a safety approach, these Best Practices will be an everyday tool for y...

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