Cement factories

The environment of cement industries is dusty, weakening the facilities.

A same belt can convey different products with different features (particle size, composition, …) Technical constraints linked to conveyed materials are many. The lengths of the conveyors can vary widely: long conveyors from the deposit, versus very short supply of batcher-conveyors.

The interest to optimize facilities (including belts) is very high. We can simultaneously integrate the implementation of safety belts. To ensure a best security while increasing the longevity of belts can easily becoming a profitable investment.

As part of the construction of new conveyors, it is important to integrate all these parameters to the book of requirements, in order to build an optimized and reliable tool.


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Good Manufacturing Practices of your conveyors

After analysis of the critical points of your conveyor lines on site and implementation of corrective actions, we can write your “Good Conveyors Practices”. More than a safety approach, these Best Practices will be an everyday tool for y...

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